Women’s Angel Fund

The “WBC Angel Fund” primary purpose is to help support the efforts of MCE Women’s Business Center stimulate increase women owned businesses and stimulate economic growth. Our fund encourages and supports women entrepreneurs, professionals, thought leaders, visionaries, everyday heroes, game changers, movers and shakers and difference makers in their community.

The fund is mission driven by empowering women-owned businesses to grow, create jobs, and generate wealth throughout the state of Maryland. Your support is the catalyst necessary financially fuel and inspire women who are leading by example. Additionally, those that participate are encourage to be a part of a robust support network which is essential for entrepreneurial success.

Support of the “WBC Angel Fund” provides a mechanism for forward thinking business leaders to activate our mission to expand small businesses within our local communities. Your investment helps change the landscape. A recent study by The Diana Project of Babson College found that, “contrary to existing perceptions, many fundable women entrepreneurs had the requisite skills and experience to lead high-growth ventures. Nonetheless, women were consistently left out of the networks of growth capital finance and appeared to lack the contacts needed to break through.” reported investing firm First Round published a report on its initial 10 years that showed that its female-founded companies had performed 63% better than those with male founders. The Small Business Administration’s Venture Capital, Social Capital and the Funding of Women-led Businesses report found that venture capital firms that invested in women-led businesses saw a positive return on their investments. Further, it asserted that female-founded businesses offered untapped potential for innovation, job creation, and other economic contributions that were limited only by access to venture capital funding.

Become a donor and join this empowering movement to provide funds fueling the exciting launch of women entrepreneurs dreams and plans. A “WBC Angel Fund”. Commits to making an annual donation for a minimum of three (3) years in the amount of a $1,000 dollars. We provide several convenient options to be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Benefits of becoming a donor to the “WBC Angel Fund” include:

Helping support local female entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources they need to form a sustainable business.

A return on your investment that you can watch grow within your local community.

Your name and business listed on the MCE WBC website and newsletter as a “WBC Angel Fund” member.

Attached is a “WBC Angel Fund” Donor Commitment & Profile, where you can provide us with your contact information, specify the payment frequency of your donation and a short biography and your logo to use on our website and in our newsletter. Please email your logos to [email protected].

For more information or any questions about the “WBC Angel Fund”, contact Lisa Twilley at 410-546-1900 ext 108 or email [email protected].

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