About WBC

Providing women Support for industry success

Women’s Business Center at Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc., empowers women entrepreneurs with a strong passion to provide solutions to address market demand. We provide financial, operational, technical, and other needed support to help them start, grow, and sustain businesses.

In 2013 the Small Business Administration (SBA) chartered and funded Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc., (MCE), to establish the Women’s Business Center (WBC) in Salisbury, Maryland. This recognition of the contributions and successes of female small business owners in our state and region. WBC proudly invest in helping women entrepreneurs secure economic empowerment and industry success.

Our approach is straightforward composed of individualized one-on-one consulting, mentoring, in person and online training opportunities, as well as monthly networking events.

Maryland is experiencing incredible rates of growth as result of women entrepreneurs. Women of all ages and backgrounds are launching businesses of their own helping to reshape local, regional, and state economies. The report showed exceptional growth for minority women.

THE American Express STATE OF WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESSES REPORT  ( most current report published 2019) 

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