Tammie Faille – The Street Kitchen

Jeff and Tammie Faille have owned The Street Kitchen food truck and catering business since September 2017. They were sitting around with friends one night and talked about buying a food truck and how much fun that would be. A month later they were driving to Pa to pick up an old bread truck. Once they got home, they still had a lot of research to do. Who is the best person to build our truck? How are we going to finance this project? Within 6 months and a lot of help, with several businesses such as SBA and Maryland Capital Enterprise their dream came a realty.

The Street Kitchen is a food truck and catering business. We are a year-round business that takes our truck to the people. We can street vend at places of business and local events and private parties. We can cater weddings, business luncheons or any kind of party anywhere. We come to you. We like to use locally sourced and sustainably products. We are licensed in Maryland and Delaware.

Jeff went to Wor-Wic Community College and graduated with an Associate degree of Science in Culinary Arts. Once graduating he went to work for several local successful high-volume restaurant where he worked for many years. He is now full- time chef and President for The Street Kitchen. He is the one that does the day to day functions to keep that food truck on the street. From the ordering and food cost to keeping the maintenance up on the truck. Food has always been his passion since he was a young boy cooking in the kitchen with his parents.

Tammie also went to Wor-Wic Community College and graduated with an Associate of Science in Business. She has worked for over 25 years in the insurance industry. But her first job was working in a restaurant and for many years she had continued to work part-time as a waitress or catering staff. She has always loved working with food and the hospitality business. She works alongside Jeff on the truck when she can and manages the paperwork, licenses and payroll.

Jeff and Tammie love entertaining with friends and family with of course a good home cooked meal. In their spare time they like to boat, garden and travel and try new foods.

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