Sivan Perdue June Client Spotlight

Art Therapy


Sivan Perdue, Owner

Tell Us About Your Business

My work is all about improving the quality of life and care for individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. I provide services in three areas: individual and group art therapy, coaching and development of personalized care strategies for dementia caregivers, and consultation and training to organizations and facilities about dementia and sexual health. I have been working with older adults for over 15 years, but I have focused my business and clinical practice on supporting individuals living with dementia for the last four years. I am passionate about advocating for the importance of mental health care for older adults and reframing our perception of caring for individuals living with dementia.


How Did Your Business Get Started?

I worked in long-term care and nursing home settings for years but decided to go into private practice for art therapy to focus on clinical work. I was first introduced to folks living with dementia in graduate school during my first internship. I provided art therapy groups on a memory care unit and just fell in love with the individuals. Being able to help them connect to the present moment and each other has been an amazing feeling.


What Are Some of Your Long-Term Goals for Your Business?

A long-term goal of mine is to change how we approach caring for folks living with dementia from just treating the symptoms and diagnosis to focusing on relationship-centered care that cares for the entire person. I aim to support family and professional caregivers by giving them the tools and education so that they feel calm and equipped to handle however their person with dementia shows up that day, with compassion and empathy.


How Has MCE and the Women’s Business Center Helped You?

When I decided to start my own practice, one of my first calls was to the MCE Women’s Business Center for guidance. Their support has been invaluable. I didn’t have a long timeline for starting my business, and they were there with coaching and education on the business fundamentals so I could get started immediately. I have always loved how supportive and encouraging they have been without the undercurrent of competitiveness that you can sometimes experience with business groups. There is a genuine atmosphere of support and encouragement.


What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Is Starting a New Business?

The advice I would give to someone starting a new business is to ask for help and support. Often, we feel like we have to do everything, but there is wisdom in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and gathering people around you that complement that. It is also important to create a network of other entrepreneurs who understand what you are going through, as creating a business can feel lonely otherwise, especially as a woman. Having a network of other women with similar goals and values is important and will help you keep moving forward even when things are difficult. It can be invaluable.


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