Stop DOING THAT!! Outsource NOW! How to Scale And Grow Your Business FASTER AND EASIER THAN YOU EVER COULD YOURSELF Even During COVID Times!

11:00 am-1:00 pm

Stop Asking Yourself “Can I afford a Virtual Assistant?”, “What Can a Virtual Assistant DO?”, “Can I really let go of Control over that?”, “Isn’t it just faster to do it myself?”

Don’t let your competitors Sail past you with their success!!!  They are growing and thriving while sitting on the BEACH!! How are they doing it!!! The answer is they have a TEAM!!! YOU CAN TOO…. Find out how in this class~

In this Class You will learn:

  1. Types of Virtual Assistants/Freelancers/Independent Contractors
  2. What to do to Prepare to hire a Virtual Assistant
  4. Where to Find a good Virtual Assistant
  5. How to Write a Good Job Posting
  6. Best Practices to Consider for Interviewing a Virtual Assistant
  7. How to Properly Onboard a Virtual Assistant
  8. How to Track Hours
  9. Paying Options
  10. Managing Projects
  11. What Can they DO???

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