So, You’ve Lassoed Your Why…Now What? Action Steps to Get it Done in the Midst of COVID

10:00 am – 12:00 NOON

Guest Speaker: Jessica Koch, Jessica Koch Consulting

Finding your WHY is KEY!

But often we get so caught up in the finding of our “WHY” that once we do, we don’t know WHAT’S NEXT?

Join Us for this fun & interactive workshop to learn :

  • How you start with the BIG picture in mind.. and Reverse Engineer it down to BITE size Action Steps
  • How to create a daily action plan for you & your team that supports your goals & tracking options

Combining, Emotion, Images, the Written & Spoken Word…  We will create a Vision Book!

This will keep you strongly motivated and connected to your goals even when it gets tough or you are facing hurdles.

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