Art for Stress Relief: Dealing with Perfectionism – Webinar – $10 Course Fee

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Art for Stress Relief: Dealing with Perfection – Webinar – $10 Course Fee

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Date: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024, Noon – 1:00pm

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Speaker: Sivan Perdue, Licensed Art Therapist, LCPA, ATR-BC

In this group, we will learn how to use simple art materials to explore how our perfectionism serves and limits us. How is your perfectionism trying to keep you safe? How can you work through it and move forward? Sivan will teach and guide you through an art exercise that you will be able to then use on your own anytime you need to check in with yourself or are feeling stuck.

During our time you will:

  • Approach your perfectionism with curiosity
  • Explore how it keeps you from succeeding
  • Discover how to use art for stress reduction

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