Are YOU Set to Achieve YOUR Fourth Quarter Sales Goals?? 7 Tips to END 2021 Strong Even during Covid Times!

11:00 am-1:00 pm

In this class we will build a blueprint so you can soar out of 2021 ON TOP!!

We will cover:

  1. A brief look back of the years success and achieved sales.
  2. Evaluate what actions brought in the most clients the easiest and the fastest!
  3. Where is the lowest hanging fruit? Are there some easy sales to make sure you close!
  4. Break down a plan for the quarter, by month, by week, by day!!
  5. Accountability how do you have it set up
  6. Surprises and bonuses- following up and for current clients
  7. Look at what is easy?
  8. Collaborate / Double the deal and add value
  9. Be ready for what is coming!! 2022…

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